[►AUDIO, PODCAST] Pledge of a grievance! Beep says all community board meetings should begin with a hand over the heart

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By Juliane Cuba

Brooklyn Daily

It’s his pledge to make them pledge!

Borough President Adams is imploring members of Brooklyn’s community boards to put their hands over their hearts and say the Pledge of Allegiance before every meeting — a ritual embraced by Southern Brooklyn panels but not their neighbors to the north.

“I think that at every gathering, public gathering, you should recite the Pledge of Allegiance. I think it’s a continuation of how we can show a great respect to the country,” Adams said, reacting to a story published by this paper the very same day showing that Southern Brooklyn community boards alone recite the patriotic affirmation.

Adams said he is strictly pro-Pledge, but respects the rights of his community boards to decide if they recite the Pledge or not, claiming he’ll simply send a letter informing members that they have a very good opportunity to do so before each meeting but not demanding that both North and South get in line.

“There won’t be any threats, it’s a reminder for those who are not aware,” he said. “I just don’t want any board to say, ‘Hey I was not aware.’ ”

Still, if it were up to him, he’d want the Pledge recited before every meeting.

“If I was in charge, or had the decision, I would say the Pledge of Allegiance,” he said, “I think it’s important to do so.”

Adams added that he believes in the freedom of choice, and that each board would be allowed to make up its own mind, (or minds, as it were).

“Each community board must make their own decision and that’s what’s great about this country,” he said. “There is no one way of showing one respect for the country or one way of showing even some respect for the county.”

The Beep conceded that there are, in fact, two Brooklyns with different lifestyles and beliefs — presumably one where Brooklynites wake up every sunny morning and sing “I’m Proud to be an America,” and another featuring a community of like-minded free-thinkers happy to live in a utopian bubble.

“Particularly when you look at Southern Brooklyn, the high number of firefighters, police officers, ex-military — we still have the Memorial Day Parade that’s done in Southern Brooklyn — so there’s a different energy and a constant reminder about the whole theme around the public displaying of patriotism,” he said. “It doesn’t mean that Northern Brooklyn is not as patriotic, they may not do as many public displays of their patriotism.”

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